Projects Involved:
  • TUG

  • Compact Objects
  • Optical Astronomy Sites
  • Astronomical Services
  • General Pointers

  • Earth Weather
  • Space Weather

  • Education

  • Manuals
  • Astrophysics

    Major Research Activities:

    • Pregalactic-Primordial low-mass stars.
    • Evolution of rotating stars and of binary stars, solar evolution.
    • Wolf-Rayet star models, stellar oscillations.
    • Age determination of certain clusters.
    • Close binary stars.
    • X and gamma ray astronomy.
    • Neutron star dynamics and pulsars.
    • Quasiperiodic oscillations from low-mass x-ray binaries.
    • Observational astronomy.
    • Gravitation and cosmology

    PhD thesis given by the group members

    Some of the Group Members and Field of Interests

    Back (from left): Atakan Gurkan, Altan Baykal, Cagdas Inam, Hakki Ogelman, Solen Balman, Akif Esendemir, Murat Alev, Ali Alpar, Burcin Donmez
    Front: Askin Ankay, Nilgun Kiziloglu, Umit Kiziloglu
    • Hakki B. Ögelman: (Prof.Dr. Passed away on 4/9/2011) Initiator of our group; X/Gamma-ray astronomy, compact objects. Click to see his students
    • Ali Alpar: (Prof.Dr.) Neutron stars and pulsars. (Present addr: Sabanci University)
    • Selcuk Bayin: (Prof.Dr.) Gravitation and cosmological models.
    • Altan Baykal: (Prof.Dr.) Pulsar timing noise, compact objects.
    • Rikkat Civelek: (Prof.Dr.) Evolution of stars.
    • Dilhan Eryurt (Ezer): (Prof.Dr. Passed away on 12/9/2012) Structure and evolution of stars
    • Halil Kirbiyik: (Prof.Dr. Retired) Stellar pulsations, rotating stars. TUG, TUBITAK.
    • Nilgun Kiziloglu: (Prof.Dr. Retired) Structure and evolution of stars. Stellar pulsations. Be/X-ray binary systems.
    • Umit Kiziloglu: (Prof.Dr. Retired) Close binary stars. X/Gamma-ray astronomy, compact objects, observational astronomy, instrumentation.
    • Solen Balman: (Prof.Dr.) X/Gamma-ray astronomy, compact objects, NOVA and shells.
    • Akif Esendemir: (Prof.Dr.) (Present addr: Akdeniz University.) Close binary systems, instrumentation.
    • Sinan Kaan Yerli: (Asso.Prof.Dr.) Binary stars: observation, evolution; Observational astronomy; instrumentation, Amateur astronomy.
    • Atakan Gurkan: (Assist. Prof. Dr.) Computational physics, Stellar Dynamics, N-Body simulations,Numerikal solutions of differential equations.
    • Murat Alev: (Inst.Dr. Retired) Close binary systems.
    • Askin Ankay: (Asso.Prof.Dr.) Present addr: Bogazici University.
    • Ersin Gogus: (Prof.Dr.) Present addr: Sabanci University. GRB, SGR and other compact objects.
    • Unal Ertan: (Asso.Prof.Dr.) Present addr: Sabanci University.
    • Emrah Kalemci: (Asso.Prof.Dr.) Present addr: Sabanci University.
    • Cagdas Inam: (Asso.Prof.Dr.) Present addr: Baskent University
    • Ozgur Taskin: (Instr. Dr.) Ege Univ. Makine Muh.
    • Burcin Donmez: (Assist. Prof. Dr.) (Present addr: Akdeniz University.)
    • Aybuke Kupcu Yoldas: (Dr.) Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.
    • Elif Beklen: (Dr.) Suleyman Demirel University.
    • Baybars Kulebi: (Dr.) Postdoc, Spain.
    • Gulnur Dogan: (Dr.), Univ. of Aarhus.
    • Yakup Pekon: (Instr. Dr.), Atilim University.
    • Mehtap Ozbey Arabaci: (Assist. Prof. Dr.) Present addr: Ataturk University.
    • Seyda Sahiner: (Dr.) Postdoc.
    • Baha Dincel: On Leave. PhD student, Universiteat Sternwarte, Jena.
    • Muhammet Mirac Serim: PhD student.
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