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    PhD thesis given by the group members:

    Year Name Supervisor Title of the PhD thesis
    1977 Mehmet Emin Özel Prof. Dr. H. B. Ögelman "Satellite observations of diffuse cosmic gamma rays above 35 MEV"
    1978 Ümit Kızıloğlu Prof. Dr. H. B. Ögelman "An automated photomultiplier system for detecting atmospheric scintillation pulses of cosmic origin"
    1978 İlhami Yeğingil Prof. Dr. H. B. Ögelman "Investigation of atomic sodium in the upper atmosphere using o poly etalon pressure swept interferometric optical spectrometer"
    1978 Serpil Ayaslı Prof. Dr. H. B. Ögelman
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Hacınlıyan (CoS)
    "Production of gamma rays in pulsars"
    1978 Aysel İbrahim Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt-Ezer "The structure and stability of the first generation stars of M. and M. on the zero-age main sequence"
    1982 Nilgün Kızıloğlu Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt-Ezer "A study of solar models and neutrino problem"
    1984 Necati Özkara Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt-Ezer "Pre-main sequence evolution of a 4M star including rotation"
    1985 Faruk Tokdemir Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu "Analysis of Ultraviolet spectra of an RS CVn type system AR Lacertae"
    1987 F. Rikkat Civelek (Çelikel) Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt-Ezer "Evolution of a rotating component star"
    1989 Akif Esendemir Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu "Analysis of II Pegasus RS Canum Venaticorum binary system"
    1989 H. Murat Alev Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu "Analysis of ultraviolet spectra of contact binary systems W UMA, VW CEP, 44 i BOO"
    1991 Altan Baykal Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu
    Prof. Dr. H. B. Ögelman (CoS)
    "Torque noise models for x-ray binaries"
    1993 İbrahim Küçük Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt-Ezer "The Pre-main sequence evolutionary models of low mass stars in the mass range 0.30 M. - 0.60 M."
    1995 Fatma Gök Prof. Dr. M. Ali Alpar The Galactic distribution, velocities luminosities and evolution of pulsars."
    1996 Cemil Berin Erol Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu
    Prof. Dr. Y. Tulunay (CoS)
    "High frequency communication experiments between the UK and Turkey"
    1996 Mutlu Yıldız Prof. Dr. N. Kızıloğlu "Evolution and structure of the sun and low mass stars - influence of EOS by minimization of free energy method and of opal opacity"
    2002 Aşkın Ankay Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu
    Prof. Dr. O. Hüseyin (CoS)
    "On the evolution of massive stars; pulsars, supernova remnants, runaways and genetic connections between them"
    2002 Ünal Ertan Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu
    Prof. Dr. M. A. Alpar (CoS)
    "On the outburst light curves of black hole soft X-ray transients"
    2004 Sıtkı Çağdaş İnam Prof. Dr. A. Baykal "X-ray observations of accretion powered pulsars"
    2005 Özgür Taşkın Prof. Dr. N. Kızıloğlu
    Prof. Dr. O. Hüseyin (CoS)
    "Analysis of the physical properties of different types of neutron stars"
    2010 Elif Beklen Prof. Dr. A. Baykal
    Y.Doc.Dr S.Ç. İnam (CoS)
    "X-ray and Optical Observations of High Mass X-ray Binaries"
    2014 Yakup Pekön Prof. Dr. Ş. Balman
    "Phase resolved Spectral Analysis of Selected Intermediate Polars and The effect of Warm Absorbers In Cataclysmic Variables"
    2014 Mehtap Özbey Arabacı Prof. Dr. Ü. Kızıloğlu
    Prof. Dr Ünal Ertan (CoS)
    "A Multiwavelenght Investigation of Be/X Binaries In The Galaxy "
    2015 Şeyda Şahiner Prof. Dr. A. Baykal
    Doc.Dr S.Ç. İnam (CoS)
    "X-ray analysis of high mass x-ray binary pulsars"
    2018 M. Miraç Serim Prof. Dr. A. Baykal
    "Pulse Timing Studies of X-Ray Binaries: GX1+4, SWIFT J0513.4-6547, X PERSEI AND SXP 1062"
    2021 Serim, Danjela Prof. Dr. A. Baykal
    "The Pulse frequency noise of magnetars and persistent accretion powered pulsars "
    2022 Aslan, Serhat Hasan Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sinan Kaan Yerli
    "Analysis of narcissus effect in infrared optical systems with cooled detectors"