Links to high energy astrophysics missions,
astonomical archives, catalogues and other resources

General Gamma-ray Source Catalogue
Compton GRO Data Archive
4rth BATSE GRB Catalogue
3rd EGRET Catalogue
The 1rst COMPTEL Source Catalogue
(634 kB PDF file, to be viewed with Acrobat Reader)
BATSE Earth-occultation 0.03-1.8 MeV catalogue
(4.9 MB PDF file, to be viewed with Acrobat Reader)
Energy ordered decay gamma-ray tables
Chandra (AXAF)
BeppoSAX Science Data Centre
ASCA Astrophysical Database (Japan)
Rosat Archive (HEASARC)
Rosat Catalogues (MPE)
Hard X-ray AGN Catalogue
Hard X-ray Galaxy Cluster Catalogue
EXOSAT Archive and Slew Survey
STScI Archive
ESO/ST-ECF archive
STScI Digitized Sky Survey
Heasarc Browse (High Energy Astrophysics Data Archives)
SkyView (Visualisation of various sky surveys)
Simbad Astronomical Database
VizieR Catalogue Service
NED (NASA Extragalactic Database)
Online IAU circulars
Space Weather