PGPLOT version 5.1.1

Tested Systems

Version 5.1.1 has been tested with the following operating systems and compilers. Drivers tested include: GI, GL, NU, PP, PS, TT, VT, WD, X2, XM, XW (but not all combinations of drivers and systems have been tested exhaustively).

Changes in Version 5.1.1

All changes are bug fixes or minor improvements. The most notable bug fixes are:

List of Changes

Revised for version 5.1.1.
Version number changed.
It now issues a message encouraging the installer to read the appropriate README file.
ver511.txt [new file]
List of changes (this file).
Bug fixes: PGPLOT_PS_HOFFSET and PGPLOT_PS_VOFFSET were not decoded correctly (bug introduced in v5.1.0); bounding box could be incorrect (probably only on systems with non-static allocation of Fortran variables). Driver now honors all requests to change the paper size with PGPAP. Optimization: suppressed attempts to draw zero-length continuation line segments (thanks to Remko Scharroo).
This is an alternative to vtdriv.f. It uses VMS-specific Fortran, but may work better than vtdriv.f on VMS systems.
xwdriv.c, pgxwin_server.c
Bug fix: images were displayed incorrectly on (some?) X-servers with more than 8 bits per pixel.
Added example of Cyrillic text on page 3.
grdtyp.f, grpars.f
Bug fix: improved minmatch routine for device types to allow, e.g., /HPGL even if /HPGL2 is also an option.
Bug fix: (this is a support routine for polygon fill with PGPOLY, etc.) A polygon with one vertex exactly aligned with the edge of the window was not clipped correctly (thanks to Remko Scharroo for the bug fix).
Bug fix and improvement in header comments. V5.1.0 introduced a bug: a device argument of '? ' with one or more trailing spaces did not issue the correct prompt.
Change version to 5.1.1.
Correction in header comments.
This routine was interpreting a negative NXSUB argument incorrectly. According to the documentation, positive NXSUB should step through the panels in row order, while negative NXSUB should step through them in column order; but the routine was interpreting positive NXSUB as column order and negative as row order. The behavior has been corrected to match the documentation. (In version 5.1.0, pgbeg was changed to call pgsubp, thus introducing this bug in pgbeg as well.)
The positioning of labels relative to the axis has been improved; the displacement of labels from the axis should now be the same as in PGBOX. Problems were most noticeable when a large character size was requested. (Thanks to Neil Killeen for the fix.)
The routine was ignoring the first row and column of the array when finding the scale-factor for the vector length. (Thanks to David Singleton for pointing this out.)
Revised to allow a concurrent hardcopy device (Dave Crennell).
Correct typo (Dave Crennell).
This new directory replaces sys_vp2200. The files are from David Singleton.
Configuration file for Fujitsu UXP/M, frt FORTRAN compiler and /usr/ucb/cc compiler.
Configuration file for Fujitsu UXP/V, frt FORTRAN compiler and /usr/ucb/cc compiler.
Added support for compiling the Motif driver (xmdriv) [mcs].
Added notes on Linux variants and problems.
g77_elf.conf [new file]
Configuration file for Linux systems that use ELF binaries.
Added notes about use of Sun f90 compiler and GNU g77 compiler. Added note about problem with the ucb version of "ld".
f90_cc.conf [new file]
For Solaris f90 1.1 Fortran compiler (from Ricardo Piriz).
g77_gcc.conf [new file]
For GNU g77 Fortran compiler (with gcc).
Directory removed.
pgplot/sys_vms [new file]
Includes some notes on incompatibilities between versions of Motif, C compiler, and VMS.
This has been rewritten: it now treats logical names as case-insensitive, and uses $TRNLNM instead of obsolete $TRNLOG. [new file]
A DCL command procedure to extract the documentation from the source code.

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