PGPLOT Version 5.0

All changes are intended to be backwards-compatible: i.e., existing programs should run correctly when recompiled, and recompilation should not be necessary. Some programs may give slightly different results, owing to the bug fixes described below.

New installation procedure

The installation procedure for UNIX systems has changed substantially, to allow automatic generation of the makefile and the device dispatch routine (grexec.f).

New C binding

This release of PGPLOT includes an experimental C binding for calling PGPLOT from C programs. It consists of two files, a header file cpgplot.h that should be included in C programs that call PGPLOT, and a system-dependent wrapper library that encapsulates the manipulations necessary to call Fortran subroutines from C programs (e.g, converting C null-terminated char arrays to Fortran character strings). The wrapper library requires an ANSI-compliant C compiler, and is not available on all systems (interlanguage calls are very difficult or impossible on some systems).

Changes to device drivers

New routines

For details of all the PGPLOT routines, see file pgplot.doc or pgplot.html that the installation procedures puts in the pgplot directory. The file pgplot.html can be viewed with Mosaic (e.g., Mosaic /usr/local/pgplot/pgplot.html). The pgdem* programs in pgplot/examples have been enhanced to demonstrate the new routines, and there are new demos programs (10--12).

Enhanced routines

Bugs fixed

Tim Pearson, California Institute of Technology, tjp·
Copyright © 1995 California Institute of Technology