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Welcome to the homepage of ESO-MIDAS, ESO's Data Processing System



ESO-MIDAS is the acronym for the European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System which is developed and maintained by the European Southern Observatory.
The official name, ESO-MIDAS, is a registrated trademark.

The ESO-MIDAS system provides general tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis on astronomical applications including imaging and special reduction packages for ESO instrumentation at La Silla. In addition it contains applications packages for stellar and surface photometry, image sharpening and decomposition, statistics and various others.

ESO-MIDAS can be implemented on VMS, OpenVMS and UNIX systems. Until the 95NOV release the ESO-MIDAS system is available, free of charge, to all non-profit research institutes as well as other organisations after signing a User Agreement. As of release 95NOV, patch level 2.0 ESO-MIDAS is available under the GNU General Public License.

Normally, ESO-MIDAS is released once a year in November. New releases, new packages and patches as well as other relevant information for the MIDAS users community are announced via electronic mail to all known ESO-MIDAS sites and through the various other communication channels (see the Web page on Support and Information Services).

More detailed information about ESO-MIDAS can be obtained about the following subjects:

 * An Overview of ESO-MIDAS
 * Hard- and Software Requirements
 * Distribution and Distribution Policy, including the anonymous ftp account
 * Documentation
 * Support and Information Services

For your questions, comments, problems, etc, related to ESO-MIDAS, please use the ESO-MIDAS Problem Report Form.

Comments on this screen can be sent to eso-midas <midas@eso.org>
Last update: Feb 23, 1996