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ESO-MIDAS Users Guide Overview
Release 95NOV




Volume A:
describes the basic MIDAS system with all general purpose facilities such as MIDAS Control Language, all available commands, data input/output (including plotting and image display), table system (MIDAS Data Base). Site specific features are given in an appendix.
Volume B:
describes how to use the MIDAS system for astronomical data reduction. Application packages for special types of data or reductions (e.g. long slit and echelle spectra, object search, or crowded field photometry) are discussed assuming intensity calibrated data. A set of appendices gives a detailed description of the reduction of raw data from ESO instruments.
Volume C:
gives the on-line detailed description for all commands available. This volume is not available via hypertext to remote users as it can be accessed via the Midas GUI XHelp (from the shell with helpmidas or from Midas with create/gui help).

It is intended that users will mainly need Volume A for general reference. For specific reduction of raw data and usage of special astronomical packages, Volume B will be more informative. A printed version of the MIDAS help files is available in Volume C. Users are recommended to use the on-line help facility which always gives a full up to date description of the commands available.

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Volume A:

Appendix to Volume A

Volume B: Data Reduction

Appendix to Volume B

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